The Syrian regime’s media advisor is in the US illegally. Deport her.

Update: petition Columbia University to rescind admission!

Sheherazad (Sherry) Jaafari was the media advisor to the president of Syria, Bashar Al Assad until January 2012. She was recently admitted to Columbia University’s Graduate School of International and Public Affairs. However, under federal immigration law, she should not be allowed in the United States:

 § 212(a)(3)(D) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act states that any immigrant who, within the past five years, has been a member of or affiliated with any totalitarian party, domestic or foreign, is inadmissible. 

Sherry was the PR assistant to President Assad who serves as the head of the Syrian Baath Party, the totalitarian regime that currently controls Syria.

§ 212(a)(3)(C)(i) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act states that an alien whose entry or proposed activities in the United States the Secretary of State has reasonable ground to believe would have potentially serious adverse foreign policy consequences for the United States is inadmissible.

Sherry conducted espionage for the Syrian government while working as an intern in New York in January 2012, sending confidential UN documents relating to Syria to President Assad. In a December 2011 email to President Assad titled ‘Worth Concideration,’ Sherry included a message warning of a Syrian diplomat who had defected with a recommendation to “deal with it very seriously.” In preparing President Assad for an interview with Barbara Walters, Sherry wrote a list of talking points that assured him that the ”American psyche can be easily manipulated.” 

Sheherazad Jaafari presence in the United States is a violation of at least two provisions of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Please deport her back to Syria.

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